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Phoenix is a productive web framework that does not compromise speed and maintainability.


Programming Phoenix
Productive |> Reliable |> Fast

Don't accept the compromise between fast and beautiful: you can have it all. Phoenix creator Chris McCord, Elixir creator José Valim, and award-winning author Bruce Tate walk you through building an application that's fast and reliable. At every step, you'll learn from the Phoenix creators not just what to do, but why. Packed with insider insights, this definitive guide will be your constant companion in your journey from Phoenix novice to expert, as you build the next generation of web applications.

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The Complete and Most Excellent MicroManual for Deploying Phoenix on Elastic Beanstalk with Docker
The definitive guide to deploying your Elixir and Phoenix application to AWS Elastic Beanstalk with Docker.

Detailed step by step instructions for deploying an Elixir and Phoenix application on Amazon Web Services (AWS) using Elastic Beanstalk with Docker.


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Serving Phoenix and Continuous Deployment

This is a guide for serving your Phoenix project and setting up a continuous integration/deployment pipeline. The goal is to have an automated process to run your tests when you push to GitHub, and deploy the project to a production server if they pass.


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