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Developing With Elixir/OTP

Learn how to think and code functionally by building an app in Elixir.

Build a complete Elixir app from start to finish

You can do a bunch of cool stuff with the Elixir programming language, from building web apps using the Phoenix framework to embedding code on networked devices. And it’s tempting to jump right into these projects and hope for the best. But without a solid understanding of how to write functional programs the Elixir way, you’re in for a white-knuckle ride.

Save yourself time, frustration, and the perils of coding by coincidence by learning all the essentials of developing Elixir apps upfront.

Go From a New Project to a Complete Elixir/OTP Application

Building an elementary HTTP web server from scratch is a great way to learn many facets of Elixir and functional programming principles. Since we build this app from scratch, the course outline isn’t organized around Elixir’s syntax or libraries. For example, you won’t find a module named “Strings” that shows you everything you can do with a string. Boring!

Instead, the course outline follows the timeline of a project as we incrementally add new features. Syntax and libraries are introduced progressively when we need them to actually get something done. How’s that for being pragmatic? :-)

Each module includes a short, focused video that either uses a new aspect of Elixir to accomplish a task or reinforces something we learned in a previous video but in a slightly different way. You can watch all the videos this afternoon or savor a few each day over lunch or on your commute!


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Pragmatic studio developing with Elixir/OTP